Anna Byworth

Co-Founder of The Space East

Anna has been practising yoga for over 17 years and has been teaching yoga for over 6 years.

Before training to be a yoga teacher Anna suffered with chronic back pain and sciatica, she found yoga to be about the only thing that eased her symptoms. Anna decided that she would rather live with yoga than back pain; and so during her training she discovered how to ease and strengthen her back through yoga.

She trained with the British Wheel of Yoga, and has worked with people with learning disabilities for over 25 years. In addition to this she has taught trampolining for people with special needs ( on and off, back permitting) for 13 years. Anna has furthered her training with Teen Yoga, ADD, ADHD and Autism, as well as Parent and Baby, Toddler and Vinyasa Power Yoga.

As a busy working mum of three and a pet owner she finds yoga (and dog walking!) essential for maintaining her sanity! Anna teaches many different yoga classes to many different people, and it is her love of people's differences that inspires her. Anna is passionate about celebrating these differences and improving the quality of life for one and all and Anna finds yoga and wellness are an effective way to do this.

Anna's classes are tailored to meet the needs of everyone in the class; whether that be a powerful workout, a relaxing recharge or just some great fun.