ciara jennings

Ciara has been practising yoga for nearly 20 years, its always been a huge part of her life, initially to practice in conjunction with other sports such as boxing and running, but over the last 6 years her yoga practise has come into its own, resulting in Ciara doing her teacher training in Ashtanga Primary Series and Rocket 1 in Oct 2018 with The Yoga People in India.
She likes to personally practise a combination of Ashtanga, Rocket and Mandala, elements of which she  brings into her classes.

She loves a fun, dynamic, energising practise, enhancing strength and flexibility through the breath, encouraging students to connect to their bodies within there own practise, in preparation for stillness at the end of the class, calming the mind and the body through meditation.
Yoga is for everyone no matter what your age or ability, and every single body is different. Ciara offers modifications for each pose and verbal alinement instructions, allowing the individual to find the target area within the asana for themselves, there are options for everybody and you can push yourself and your practise as much as you like depending on how you are feeling at that moment!

Ciara lives in Forest Gate and has been a regular student at Space East, and is very much looking forward to passing on her yoga learning to you all through the power of Rocket!!

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