Rachel Stephenson

Co Founder of The Space East

Rachel was a gymnast as a child and has been teaching Pilates for over 7 years. She trained through the Pilates Foundation and is also qualified in Aerial Fitness and Anti Gravity Yoga. She is a keen runner and general all round fitness enthusiast who loves to take on a new challenge, whether its walking, wakeboarding or weight training! She teaches Aerial Fitness and Pilates in a variety of locations across London from osteopathy clinics to high end gyms. Her Pilates classes offer detailed instruction and she encourages precision in movement which is achieved through the use of anatomical reference and education.

In Rachels classes, be it a gentle back pain class or a conditioning more athletic class, you can expect to activate muscles that you quite often didnt even know existed!

Pilates is often considered to be an intelligent form of exercise because of the concentration and focus needed to execute the exercises. In Rachels classes she will help you to understand your body and body mechanics and it is this that assists in pain free locomotion.

Rachel will ensure you move with precision. Be prepared to be introduced to these new found muscles!