We offer specialist classes for adults and children with Autism and profound and multiple learning disabilities. 

Anna Byworth, a founder of The Space East, specialises in teaching adults and children with ADD, ADHD and Autism. 


The main aim of the music and movement sessions is to have fun! 

We will start the sessions with sound making/chanting.  
This will help break the ice, bring an awareness, whether conscious or subconscious, to the breath. It will also increase confidence as   you can't go wrong!  
We will then put on music. Each person will be able to choose their song and dance to it in their own style, and the others in the group will copy them. This aims to provide a sense of value and empowerment to the person leading the dance. 
We will include everyone who wants a go. 

At the end of the session we will listen to relaxing music, and breathe slowly and calmly to wind down, in preperation to leaving the class.  


These sessions are particularly aimed at PMLD (profound & multiple learning disabilities) as well as anyone else who may benefit from sensory relaxation. 

The studio has been designed to be a safe, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing space, perfect for relaxation, with considered lighting, and furnishings and aromatheray oils. 

Sessions will start with getting everyone out of their chair followed by a hand and foot massage provided by the carers 

Classes will then move on to some simple yoga postures which are devised to aid the digestive system, and to bring movement, awareness, visualisation, and hopefully sensations to parts of the body that may often be ignored when in a wheelchair. 

Also included in the session is a relaxation and awareness of breath with carers and clients slowing down their breath inviting calm, accompanied by relaxing music and sounds. 



These classes are specifically tailored for people on the autistic or Asperger's spectrum. We aim to provide a safe, aesthetically pleasing, pleasant welcoming space to practice yoga in.  

The main aim of these sessions is to have fun and provide tools to empower, through awareness and relaxation. 

We will work to bring awareness to the body and mind,  Sounds, smells and touch will be explored through neurological exercises stimulating and alternating the left and right hemisphere.  

Please feel free to contact us to ask any questions or to join a class.