Pilates is a form of functional movement and fitness. It focuses on building core strength and stability while also improving range of movement. 

Exercises are designed to lengthen, strengthen, tone and realign the entire body. Helping to improve posture through graceful and efficient movement while assisting in correcting muscular imbalances often brought about by everyday modern living. Pilates considers the body as a whole, including the relationship between the breath, the mind and the mechanics of the body. It is often called an 'intelligent workout'! Understanding how to use the three elements above in any given exercise, can make a difference in using only one or two muscles or working almost every muscle through the entire body! 

We have outlined the different pilates classes that we offer at The Space East. Please feel free to contact us hello@thespaceeast.com if you are unsure of which class is most suitable for you.


Prenatal pilates

Pilates can help with many common symptoms of pregnancy such as: backache, pelvic girdle pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as post pregnancy backache, diastasis recti, pelvic floor weakness or related injury. If you are experiencing any chronic pain or any specific problems brought about through pregnancy we advise that you contact us before joining the class as a 121 session may be needed initially.

We welcome you to this specialist group class once you have had your 12 week scan and have been approved to exercise by your doctor or midwife. This class is suitable at any stage during your second and third trimester, right up to birth.   

Equipment: Expect to use Swiss balls, small pilates balls, pilates rings and bands 

What to expect: This is a specialist pilates class designed to assist in both the physical and physiological changes of pregnancy and post pregnancy. More focus on standing balance and coordination, pelvic floor, hip stability, shoulder stability and upper back strength, plus gentle stretches to release tension. 

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gentle pilates

This class is a gentle class suitable for all particularly +60, those with injury as well as prenatal and postnatal. Please note that attending at least three pre natal pilates classes is a prerequisite to joining this class when pregnant. 

Equipment: Small balls and bands 

What to expect: A gentle class with focus on key Pilates principles for good posture. More focus on standing balance and coordination, pelvic floor, hip stability, shoulder stability and upper back strength, plus gentle stretches to release tension. 

There will be none of those horrible rolling exercises or sit up type abs ! ðŸ˜‰ 

See class times here!  

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Pilates All Level

This class is suitable for complete beginners and will offer beginners exercises through to improvers/intermediate. This class is not suitable for Pre natal. We welcome post natal clients to this class however we would suggest attending at least one gentle pilates class in the first instance. 

Equipment: Expect to use pilates rings, foam rollers, small balls and bands 

What to expect: Progressions of beginners exercises (bridging, side lying exercises, clams, back extension work) As well as introductions and progressions to rolling like a ball, roll up, seated spinal twist and mermaids. 

We also introduce flexion based exercises ie sit up‘s and variations of abdominal exercises! 

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