pre and post natal yoga

If you are attending a pre or post natal class for the first time please ensure you arrive 10 minutes before the class starts!

Alice Panascia is our pre and post natal Yogi specialist, mum, and mum to be! (Please note Alice will be away on maternity leave from January 2019 until June 2019. Classes will be covered by Lydiana Abbott and Joanna Fleck)



These pre-natal yoga classes are perfect for ‘mums-to-be’ from 12 weeks onwards.

The gentle yet effective approach of these classes aims to internalise the practices and techniques in order to build a body memory that can be called upon with ease, instinctively in daily life, during labour and beyond.

Pregnancy yoga benefits include:

Increase awareness in body, breath and postural changes.

Expanding breathing capabilities in order to breathe for two, assist during labour and birth.

Pelvic awareness (unfold range of movements and as foundational support for the body).

Tone and release pelvic floor muscles in preparation for labour and beyond.

Boost energy and reduce fatigue.

Increase resilience and ease tensions in both body and mind.
Yoga for common pregnancy issues: pelvic girdle pain, encouraging baby into optimal birthing position, better sleep, etc.

Restorative yoga for mums to be & yoga nidra 

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Postnatal Yoga (with baby) 

Our popular Mum & Baby yoga class is back! 
Unlike baby yoga, this class is all about you. Take some time out to
relax, recuperate, re-strength and meet other mums while your
baby relaxes with you in a safe environment. 

Postnatal Yoga benefits include:

Core stability (pelvic floor, abdominals, gluteus and back muscles); Realign and maintain suppleness in the spine; Tone deep muscles to ‘close the body’ after pregnancy and birth; Relieve stiffness; promote relaxation through breath’s expansion; detox the system improving blood flow; boost mood and confidence.

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