Sarah Owen

A Mama Yogini, passionate about sharing little yogic tips learnt along the path of motherhood to help other Mamas on their journey. Sarah’s classes include hatha yoga flow to move the bones but they encompass so much more. Expect to experience sound healing with voice through Mantra, meditation practises, guided relaxations & breath work.

Sarah has a style of sharing that is always nurturing and mindful, aware of the needs of the circle she is teaching. Her classes are grounding, empowering and allow the space to drop in and have time for yourself.

The classes are centred around a sense of community and a coming together of Mamas to share wisdom and support each other. Sarah trained with Akhanda yoga in India in March 2016 and has recently trained with Uma Dinsmore- Tuli more focused into womens yoga. She regularly runs women’s retreats with her own yogini Mama who shares the same love for yoga teaching and who she owes her yoga journey to.