Vaida Kvedaraite

Vaida is an overall balanced mindful living advocate running a small business/blog rudegoods, passionately teaching others mindfulness in every aspect of life. Yoga being one of the biggest part of it.
Vaida had started her journey towards healthier, more balanced and mindful life since she was a teenager, followed by discovery of yoga and Ayurveda back in Lithuania in 2009, after experiencing powerful healing and transforming fruits of both. 
After some hardship in her life she rediscovered yoga and meditation in a deeper level with regular Ashtanga yoga and meditation practice already living in London. Eventually leaving office job in corporate company, traveling around the world and visiting India to expand her yogic knowledge studying Ashtanga yoga in depth and becoming a certified yoga teacher to be able to share this blissfulness with others. This year she had undertaken one more teachers training with David Kyle to deepen her knowledge in Rocket yoga. As well as some courses and workshops on Yoga Anatomy, Chakras, Ayurveda.
When not teaching and practicing yoga Vaida loves spending time in the kitchen creating healthy and joyful meals or gardening in a back yard or simply spending time outside reconnecting with magical nature.

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